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5-star reviews (and more).

94% of customers won't buy from a business with negative reviews. With Konnect Reviews, we've created a turnkey system that helps you generate 5-star reviews on autopilot.

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90-Day Risk-Free


Cancel Anytime

100% Human Support

Customer reviews can increase conversions by 270%

Enhance Your

SEO Game

Reviews improve your searchability on Google because of the fresh and new content from customers.

Get More

Qualified Leads

93% of customers read reviews before buying. These people are HOT buyers ready to purchase.

Increase Your Bottomline

Jumping your reviews by 1-star has shown to increase business revenue by as much as 9%. Cha-ching!

Common Myths About Having A

Reputation Management Program

MYTH #1: We already do other marketing and lead gen strategies

If your business also uses other effective digital marketing strategies, that’s awesome.

But, having a reputation management system should actually be part of your marketing foundation framework.

Using Konnect Reviews will support your other marketing efforts while increasing your trust and authority in your community.

MYTH #2: We've grown our business through word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth is such an important part to growing your business.

But, sometimes customers forget to share their experience with friends. It’s not top of mind.

Konnect Reviews makes it super convenient for your customers to review your business with just a couple of clicks.

MYTH #3: Reviews attract trolls and more negative reviews.

Trolls and negative reviews are totally a drag. So much so that it can ruin your day!

We’ve heard people express that having a reputation management program will bring more negative reviews.

With Konnect Reviews, we’re able to let unhappy customers share their feedback, offline, while you get to fix the problem before it becomes public.

Now you get to be in control in the driver’s seat.

Send yourself a sample.

See what a good sample review invitation looks like from the customers point of view with our example automation.

How Konnect Review Helps You Grow Sales

(and Make Your Business The Clear Choice In Your Community)

Boost your average star rating

According to a study by Harvard a 1-star increase can propel revenue by 5-9%

With Konnect Reviews you will begin to see a boost in your average star rating without nagging or chasing customers.

Get more (and real) 5-star reviews

Forbes reported that 94% of customers avoid businesses with negative reviews.


Konnect Reviews has made it easier for your business to capture MORE 5-star reviews from your biggest fans.

Just a couple of clicks and BAM! 5-star review.

Generate fresh reviews

77% of customers believe reviews that are older than 3 months are irrelevant.

That means your future customer wants to see fresh and new reviews of your business before they make a buying decision.

And, no, having your friends and family review your business won’t cut it.

Get alerts and monitor reviews

89% of consumers read businesses' response to positive and negative reviews.

And... 45% of consumers say that they're more likely to visit a business if it actually responds to negative reviews

So... yea... respond to ALL reviews.

Push reviews onto social media

So, you just got a 5-star review on Google... Saweeet!!

But, instead of it staying on Google, you'll be able to automatically have that 5-star business review onto your social media business profiles. Such as Facebook.

Now, you're truly leveraging the power of repurposing positive content.

Prevent bad reviews

Wouldn't it be amazing if ALL negative reviews got sent to your inbox and NOT on Google, Yelp, or another review site?

Konnect Reviews not only gives your customers the opportunity to "be heard", but it will keep your overall star rating intact.

We've leveled the playing field for you.

Auto Emails and Text Messages

With Konnect Reviews, you'll be able to send a series of autogenerated emails and text messages to your customer base, asking and reminding them for reviews.

This is a quick and seamless process for your customers by simply clicking a link, selecting the preferred review site, and writing a positive review about your business.

Track progress and metrics

Each month you'll receive a detailed report reflecting the past month's success.

This will include your initial overall star rating in comparison to your current star rating.

You'll also receive a breakdown of the reviews generated that month and what review sites they were left on.

Our 3-Step Process to get you more reviews

Step 1: Book A Demo

Step 2: Meet With Our Review Specialist

Step 3: Start Getting 5-Star Reviews

How Konnect Reviews Works For Your Business?

We'll invite your customers to review your business

You'll first send us a list of your customers. Then we'll contact them on your behalf via email or text message.

But, instead of sending a blast to your entire list, we'll drip your list so you're continuously generating fresh reviews.

You'll get custom links, QR codes, and website buttons

You'll also receive a custom URL that is branded to your company, QR code(s) for print marketing material, as well as custom website buttons to place throughout your website for easy access to review your business.

Custom Konnect Review landing page

This is where all the awesomeness happens.

The landing page is unique to your business. If a customer has had a good experience with your company, they simply click on the GREEN thumbs up button.

Pick your preferred review site(s)

There are dozens of 3rd party review sites. And, your business is unique. So you get to pick your most important review sites for online business reviews.

Once your happy clients click on the GREEN thumbs up button, they select a preferred review site from your short list options.

5-star reviews... here we come!

After your client selects their preferred review site, they will then leave you a 5-star review with hopefully a fully detailed experience.

Once they hit the SUBMIT button, that review instantaneously gets placed on the review site they selected. Yup. It's that easy.

Magic in the background

We then use internet wizardry by placing the NEW 5-star online review on your website.

This builds trust and authority.

Oh, and we also place it on social media like Facebook, to further expand your awesomeness.

Finally... you'll be notified

You'll get a notification sent directly to your email (as well as your account manager) in real time.

This gives you the opportunity to stay on top of your reviews as they trickle in.

And, since responding to reviews is super-dooper important, this gives you that opportunity.

Send yourself a sample.

See what a good sample review invitation looks like from the customers point of view with our example automation.

Konnect-Reviews... Less Than Your Electric Bill!

  • Supercharged SEO
  • More qualified leads
  • Increase in your bottomline
  • Boost in average star rating
  • Fresh & frequent 5-star reviews
  • ​Review monitoring & notifications
  • Autogenerated reviews to website & social media
  • Negative reviews bucket (before they get public)
  • Auto emails & SMS for new reviews
  • ​Monthly progress tracking & metrics

Total Value: $24,870

Starts at $220 / month

month to month commitment

90-Day Risk-Free


Cancel Anytime

100% Human Support

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